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The intent of is to provide a forum for clinicians to identify products where the suppliers have claimed that what they offer complies with an appropriate quality of digital imaging access and delivery.  Where such claim are not sustained, the listing will be removed where possible. accepts no liability or responsibility for the choice of any product, and simply provides an opportunity for clinicians to identify potential suppliers.   Any purchase should be after approriate independent analysis, and not reliant upon any information that may be contained within this site.  Any concerns or questions should be directed to  


The following vendors are aware of the requirements of optimal image access for clinicians in the move to digital imaging and are able to supply the appropriate technology.

This relates more specifically to the Australian market, but there is no reason why the information here should not be internationally relevent.

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Digital Imaging Function  Requirements  Supplier
Image Data Format  DICOM compliant  - full series   
 PDI IHE compliant if distributed on portable media  
 Image Data Distribution  LAN  > 1 GBit  
 WAN/LAN < 1GBit
(if data delivery speed, queuing or pre-fetching is acceptable):
Web (thin client) PACS
 SSD (solid state drive) -    USB drive or similar   
 CD/DVD for temporary patient image data transfer, separate from long term storage - (PACS to PACS)  
 Laser printed transparent film - high quality, full size (as scanned or reference marker adjusted)   
 Image Data Reading  DICOM reading software
- accessible from distribution media (Web - CD/DVD - Card)
simple intuitive interface
certifiable by local authority as suitable for clinical use if displayed on appropriate monitor
 DICOM reading software
- loaded on reading computer
simple intuitive interface
certifiable by local authority as suitable for clinical use if displayed on appropriate monitor
 Image Data Display  DICOM compliant calibratable digital display (GSDF - Grayscale Standard Display Function)
Minimum resolution:
  CT/MRI - 80 dpi
  CR/DR - 100 dpi
  Mammogram - 127 dpi
 Image Data Manipulation  Templating / measuring software linked to DICOM viewing interface:  
 1. Individual user licensed - thick client  
 2. LAN accessible -    thick / thin client   
 3. WAN licence controlled access thick client   
 4. Web based access thin client  
 Image Data Storage  Long term storage on secure drive, plus secure offsite backup and long term archive -  potentially as part of web access
(meeting local statutory requirements)
 Hard copy stored by patient or doctor (meeting local statutory requirements)  
 SSD card or CD/DVD storage if combined with separate secure  archiving (meeting local statutory requirements)  

Integrated Digital imaging Solutions Providers:

  Services Provided  Supplier
  Software, monitors, web access and storage  

As well as technology related to digital imaging, other technology is required by clinicians, and this site provides an opportunity to identify specific suppliers who can provide such a service or equipment.

 Technology  Technology details  Supplier
 Computer - CPU  Basic computer  
 Advanced Workstation  
 Network environment and server  
 Voice recognition software    
 Practice Managment software    
 Business mangement software    

ClinPACS does not endorse any of the products listed.  This is simply a service to assist clinicians to identify contact details and offerings of potential suppliers.

However, at its absolute discretion, will remove any supplier listing that is deemed not to be providing a satisfactory level and reliability of information, that allows a clinicians to identify the need and services or technology provided.

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ClinPACS will make its best endeavours to confirm the accuracy of any listings, but provides no promise of expedience of updating.  ClinPACS does not receive any funding from suppliers.  This is a free service to vendors, who are asked to ensure the links provided are relevant and kept up to date.

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