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We are making some big changes at CLINPACS.COM

We are also upgrading the TLA Generator and TLA VPOPS.
Send an email to info and we will update you when this is likely to change.


Use this form to download trial versions of:

  • iQ-View Pro - PACS access and dicom file viewer

  • OrthoView - Orthopaedic templating and surgical planning

  • True Life Anatomy software - 3D image creation and manipulation

    • TLA Generator

    • TLA Generator User Manual

    • TLA Viewer

    • TLA image samples

These programs are downloaded from separate companies and can be installed in any order.  iQ-VIEW has links to open OrthoView and TLA Generator if they are installed.

All programs will work for a 30-day trial period. To use the particular program beyond the 30-day period you will need to purchase a licence, which can be obtained from the individual companies.

Payment and registration details are displayed at installation, or are available on the relevant company web site.

Email on if any problems.

Please fill in the form below in order to download the applications.

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TLA Generator
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