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PACS has led to substantial improvements in diagnostic image access and management, and within an Enterprise, PACS beyond Radiology is a reality. 

ClinPACS refers to the diagnostic imaging network that is beyond Radiology;

- the wards, operating theatres, consulting rooms, the community -

PACS offers great advantages over film based image access, but this must provide:

  • Cost effective, fast and quality diagnostic image access
  • That is as readily available as a light box
  • AND as easy to use

PACS functionality essential within the Radiology Department (RadPACS) is generally different to that appropriate for the clinics, wards and Operating Rooms (ClinPACS).

PACS overview from a clinician perspective -
"Network delivery of digital data" (PDF document, 3MB) seeks to provide potential solutions for clinicians to improve patient care within an Enterprise PACS environment.

Suggested imaging access solutions:

“Image access for the
Orthopaedic Surgeon”

Ortho-Access is an integrated system
of the imaging tools essential for the Orthopaedic Surgeon working in the
digital environment

ATS 5816 2013 - Digital images for diagnostic and other clinical purposes: Presentation, communication, display and manipulation


Australian Technical specification 5816 -2013

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image access technology for the clinician:

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TLA presents at APFSSH - Asia Pacific Federation for Societies for Surgery of the Hand - Melbourne - March 13th 2020.



TLA launches at AAOS.  The Virtual Surgical Capabilities will be on view at the Signature Orthopaedics stand at AAOS - March 24th 2020 - Orlando, Florida.

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